Many people think of a template as their website, but that is an incorrect way of seeing templates. Templates are used for providing a layout and design within which all of the pieces of your Joomla site come together.

The Joomla template is an advanced way to "skin" your site. A correctly built template is something which definitively isn't your website's content, and its replaceable. Based on the PAT template model, a correctly built template separates completely the content from design. Don't forget this!

Think about the Joomla template as a nice dress on a gorgeous women. They both are looking great, and are showing most and best together. But the dress is something you can change easily (yea, may cost you some money, indeed), and also something which looks best if it's tied to that body under. And, definitively the body is something you can't forget when you're looking to it, even if this isn't that obvious at first. (or I am wrong here Eek???)

You can add to that dress all kinds of advanced decorations, but these must be en vogue with the "content" to archieve the best result. And you can have some hidden things in it, as a push-up bra to help you show what you want ... but all these are part of the dress, not the women Wink.

So, don't make that common mistake thinking about the template as THE look of your site. This is only the framework wich help you to present your content! The look is built from the template AND the content of your site. And, of course the site looks fabulous if that template is well tailored for your content.