How deep linking can give you an edge in the competition for better ranking

You knows the basics, right? Great content and a good number of incoming links are necessary for gaining the top SERP (Search Engine Ranking Points) for a particular keyword phrase. The good old way to reach this goal was to build an attractive landing page and add to it as many links as possible.

Preferably "natural" (read free links looking like added by your visitors to their pages) or paid, there was no big difference. You may even clever enough to drive traffic through social media promotions, Adwords campaigns and other channels but how do you ensure that your landing pages are going to stay in top over time?

Let me tell you a secret - the above isn't (entirely) true anymore. If you want to score high, you need to adopt another strategy. The tree most important pillars of the new SEO strategy are focusing on Organic Search Results, Deep Linking and Trust Building. Yea, you may think I'm gonna crazy, why this guy is emphasizing on these tree things? Let me show you, why!

Are you focused enough on Organic Traffic?

You may ask why organic traffic is critical and why you should focus on building a natural and expanding link portfolio, rather than target the same landing page over and over again. First and foremost, organic traffic drives the maximum number of conversions, sales and clicks. It was true 10 years ago and this law holds true till this date. Nothing can beat the conversion ratio of the "average user" who clicks the first result in Google search, when compared to the traffic received from Adword ads, banner advertisements, social media campaigns and so on. And the most amazing part is that it is completely free, but needs a lot of effort and background preparations. Once you reach the top spot, traffic is going to flow in naturally and all you have to worry about it what you want the user to do, rather than how you get them. And let me tell you the secret - which each update, search engines are getting closer and closer to the Holy Grail of Internet search - to deliver the search result that "average user" want to see.

Do you have external pages linking to your inner pages?

A lot of Joomla webmasters I working with are repeating the same mistake of gaining link popularity of a particular page but wonder why the site they are pushing is not gaining momentum: the much awaited "average user" who can be turned on later on "customer", "faithful visitor", "follower" or whatever you want never arrives - or, anyway, the flow is below the expectations. wit the new search engine algorithms with tuning up a single page is far to be enough to get the desired exposure. All top search engines (not only Google) are well versed with such techniques and they can "smell" whether your link campaign is natural or artificially pumped up. And they are favoring "naturals" (me too... and not only in SEO). The best strategy now is try to get external links to deeper pages and let the SERP juice flow across your entire domain. Different pages that relate to a single context are much more powerful than one page with tons of links.

Building trust

You must gain confidence, and you must look both to your visitors and the search engines as a trusty source of valuable information. Once this goal is accomplished, you then can try to send the visitors to your conversion page. But, beware! that should look a natural choice for them, don't need to be pushed! You can ruin all your efforts with one single move like that. More importantly, the more interesting and useful resource you have on your domain, the more trust you will command. The secret of getting more conversions is Trust, not just links and links and links. Get over it, start a blog and build it as if no one is listening. Your efforts will pay off after a due course of time and the results will be long lasting than before.